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Thursday 12 December 2013

Thought For The Day

    Originally 'Once Upon A Time' would have been a victory for No.6, perhaps he wasn't very happy at the death of No.2, but in any case 'Fall Out' came along and took that victory away from him!
   I have somethimes wondered what might have taken place after the time locked door of the Embryo Room opened and let the Prisoner out. Certainly there would have had to have been a funeral for No.2. Because originally 'Once Upon A Time' as you know was a stand alone episode and not a prequel to 'Fall Out,' so No.2 would have remained dead. But what about No.6? What might the fact that No.6 turned out to be the better man mean to him? In all probability nothing. He might simply have been taken back to his cottage, left to live with what had happened. I can only assume that No.6's status in the Village would have remained that of a prisoner, and life would have gone on much the same as it had.

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