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Monday 30 December 2013

Thought For The Day

    It turned out to be something of a 'Prisoner' Christmas this year,plenty of items to add to my 'Prisoner' collection. Three pieces of original art work for THEPRIS6NER series, these were purchased earlier in the year, but by my wife, who gave them as a present, so it was on Christmas Day that I eventually got my hands on them, three excellent pieces of art work. Also three double-sided 'Prisoner' posters produced between 1979 and 1984. And if that wasn't enough a one-off 'Prisoner' poster incorporating both series of 'the Prisoner,' because of my appreciation of the two series. An Italian DVD CULT SERIES, which contains a section of 'the Prisoner.' Having no Italian, except for a few words, I was very grateful that a transcript for 'the Prisoner section was included on the DVD. I found the piece on 'the Prisoner' very interesting, as I am always interested to see how the TV media treat 'the Prisoner.' There is the tribute to Alexis Kanner on DVD, haven't watched all that yet, there is so much on the DVD. There is also the tribute paid to the late Vincent Tilsley along with other pices of written tributes. Also the 2014 Portmeirion calendar, not produced by Portmeirion, but nevertheless no less professionally produced. Too small to park in the garage, was the gift of the Prisoners Lotus 7, a diecast model complete in every detail including KAR 120C license plates. And I must not forget THEPRIS6NER 2014 calendar, whcih again is a complete one-off, produced for me because of my appreciation for the series. I know who very thoughtfully sent the 'Prisoner' related gifts to me, as do they, I will not names names here.

Be seeing you

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