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Saturday 14 December 2013

Pictorial Prisoner

  It has always been in my mind that it was the Prisoner's own people behind the Village, ie British Intelligence, or at least a department within British Intelligence. Because there are several departments within British Intelligence, MI5 and MI6 to name but two. And it would appear that the Colonel {pictured above} does not work for Sir Charles Portland's department. This is a supposition based on the fact that Sir Charles does not recognise the Colonel!
   We know that two sides are looking for Professor Jacob Seltzman, the British and the Village. But if the Colonel respresents one British deaprtment within British Intelligence, and Sir Charles Portland another. It would seem that only the British are out to find Professor Seltzman, but the one department working against the other! This on the basis that departments within British Intelligence are jealous of one another, that there is barely any interdepartmental communication!

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