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Saturday 28 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

    Have you noticed just how piped blazers have become very fashionable to wear over the past couple of years? I don't wear one myself you understand, they're not quite my style. And the style of deck shoes have altered, you can't seem to buy the style worn in The Village, but you can buy a more modern style of deck shoe, which I find to be most refreshing. Of course I only wear deck shoes when I go down to the beach, or when I'm on someone's yacht.
    The other evening I was watching ‘Many Happy Returns,’ while enjoying a fine wine, some freshly baked bread and delicious cheese. And I wondered if readers have noticed that tree No.6 chops down isn't a complete tree. When the tree is felled it falls like a log, and not at all like a tree at all. I mean the top of the tree has been lobbed off previous! Now I wonder why No.6 would climb the tree and chop off the top first? I mean he didn't do that when he felled that tree during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben!’
    What are work units worth - Nothing? You tell that to No.26 who can't go a day without her sweets! Has she been conditioned to have a sweet-tooth, then to take that sweet privilege away from her? Shouldn't think so. I mean she's an old woman, the once housemaid to Mrs Butterworth who brought Martha with her to The Village. Then Mrs Butterworth went and left The Village, but left poor old Martha in The Village all alone. I wonder how our diminutive friend the Butler took to Martha moving into his little annex to the Green Dome. He was put out of a job, our diminutive friend wouldn't have taken to Martha at all, so perhaps he was given a little holiday. Because by the time of the next episode, ‘Dance of the Dead,’ the Butler has been reinstated to his rightful position.
    The other day I was pondering who it might have been who placed those daffodils on 73's grave in ‘Hammer Into Anvil.’ I can only think that it was No.6. after all who else was close enough to No.73, who committed suicide by jumping out of the hospital window, you will recall. And seeing as it was No.2 who drove 73 to this act of suicide, No.6 became her avenger, so perhaps it was No.6 who put flowers on 73's grave. A sucker for a damsel in distress, and an avenging angel. Chivalry is far from dead readers, you ask No.6.

    "Truth is an essence. An essence does not change. It emanates. Any man or woman can have it inside them as a result of their own private war within themselves. It's not just the college they fight, not just society. They are fighting themselves. I think there are things that have to be private. One's right to privacy is such a delicate thing, and it is being damaged constantly nowadays."

Not So The Merry Widow!
    At the end of The General my wife Morag wondered if No.6 had come to pay his respects to Madam Professor, to extend his sympathy. I said, seeing as No.6 went inside the house, leaving the Madam Professor seated outside, it was more likely that he'd gone to have a final poke about the house. No sensitivities shown for recent widow by No.6 then!

Be seeing you

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