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Wednesday 18 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

    On the morning of his arrival in the Village, the Prisoner tries to make a telephone call. But when the operator asks what is his number, the Prisoner tells the operator that he hasn't got a number. So, no number, no call! But is that because the Prisoner has not yet been issued with a number, or because he has no number to call from? Because in the days before direct dialling the caller would tell the operator the number he wanted to call, and then the operator would ask the caller what his number was.... the number of the telephone he is calling from. But there is no number on the telephone, you will observe that the Prisoner looks at the telephone hand set, and of course that this point the Prisoner doesn't know that citizens are known only by their number.

We're All Pawns Me' Dear
    On which side is No.9? I think she was simply trying to survive, by doing things she wished she hadn't! Certainly she was a woman used by others, as a pawn in the game. No.2 used No.9 by assigning her first to Cobb, then to No.6, who used her in order to obtain the electro pass, and that is probably the same reason she was used by Cobb, if both her story, and that of Cobb is to be believed. No.9, according to her, was also used by the helicopter pilot, so that she could acquire the electro pass in the first place, if No.9 is to be believed. But personally I'm of the opinion that it was No.2 who gave No.9 the electro pass. On the surface No.9's character is easy to believe, she is a woman trying to survive in the Village, doing what she has to do, even though she doesn’t like it. But dig a little deeper, and it's difficult to believe a word she says!

The Schizoid Man
   When it came to deciding which was the original No.6, and who the economy pack, we arrive that the finger prints. When Curtis's own finger print appears on the screen next to No.6's own finger print, surely at that point No.6 got what he wanted...... didn't he? Proof that he was No.6, and that Curtis wasn't. So why complicate matters by bringing No.24-Alison into the equation? I never could figure that one out. It just seems one step too far if you ask me, even if No.6 is of the opinion that science can be perverted! Is that why the Prisoner was shielding Professor Seltzman?

No.2: "We know what we must do. What must we do?"
Citizens: "Progress, progress, progress."

    "Progress depends on the reasonable man."
                                G. Bernard Shaw.

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