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Thursday 12 December 2013


   The episode of Schizoid isn't so very different from how the Prisoner deals with No.6's alter ego. Six struggles with himself as the desire to kill Two builds up within him. One side of Six's nature wants to kill Two, tells him that it's the only way. Yet the other half of his nature keeps that desire to kill in check. In the Prisoner No.6 couldn't kill either!
    There is no physical other self of Six, or at least I don't think so. Because if there is a physical other Six, 2x6, then when it comes to building a better Village, The Village is in trouble even before it gets off the ground! And if Six doesn't keep that other side of his nature in check, in time it will be the worse for him and The Village.
    In the Prisoner, the final episode of Fall Out, we are supposed to witness Number Six coming face to face with his other self, his alter ego Number One. But when in THEPRIS6NER Six struggles with his alter ego, you see only Six. Yet at the end of Schizoid Six can see his other self from a window of the Summakor building, in The Village, standing on a street corner. But who then disappears. So was Six's alter ego supposed to be a physical entity like Number Six's of the original series or not? You see, there's still something for me to mull over from this series. It's not all so cut and dried as they said it would be.

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