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Monday 30 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

A Favourite Character
If there is any likeable No.2, then it is this gentleman, the only No.2 to share a real rapport with No.6, and the television viewer. He is loyal, efficient, a successful, and established member of the community, as well as the establishment, what's more his laugh is infectious ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.
   He plays the game well with No.6, and we, the viewer, enjoy watching No.2 play the game. He allows No.6 some leeway, but knows exactly what No.6's plan is from the moment of it's conception, and enjoys watching No.6 carry out his plan, knowing that there is no possibility of escape. He likes No.6, and sees him as being a better man than he. But there is danger, and despite this danger No.2 still puts his life on the line, and ultimately pays the cost with his life.
   He is a jovial No.2, who enjoys his work. Perhaps he enjoys the Village, he certainly appears very much at home. And in that, it is possibly the reason why he sees the whole earth as the Village, such is his dream. Until that is, the time of his resuscitation. His eyes have been opened, and if he is to die, then he will die with his own mind, that he will no longer be hypnotised by No.1!

   Everyman is a prisoner unto himself, could be one interpretation of the point Patrick McGoohan was making in ‘Fall Out.’

Players Or Pawns
   The most successful gambit of all was played out in that Embryo Room of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ A complex and dangerous game plan, for only one of them would survive. No.2 was a good man, I am a good man, but if they get No.6 he will be better.
   In actual fact No.6, previously of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ had laid his life on the line, he had pushed himself to the limit, but he succeeded in wearing No.6 down, and in a quiet moment No.6 finally told No.2 what he wanted, the reason behind No.6's resignation "For peace. For peace of mind, because too many people know too much," No.6 knew too much about No.2! The trouble was No.2 wasn't listening, and so had asked No.6 to tell him again. But No.6 wasn't going to repeat himself, not once No.2 had "been told."

The spectre of The Dance
   No.2 was seen on the telephone to, presumably No.1, and made the comment that she wished you could come too. So presumably No.1, or whoever it was, had made the wish that he could be there at the ball in the evening.
   Now if we take the premise of ‘Fall Out,’ that No.6 and No.1 are one and the same person, the one alter ego of the other, then surely No.1 did actually attend the Ball in the Town Hall that evening of ‘Dance of the Dead.’ and here he is walking, when he should be dancing along with little Bo-Peep. Whether or not this stands up is one thing, another would be that whoever the Prisoner is, he never allows himself to relax and enjoy himself!

Be seeing you, at the dance perhaps.

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