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Monday 23 December 2013


     "I miss you miss me? I think you do. Oh yes you miss your dear Two. Oh look at us we have so much, we are the fortunate ones."
    Two may try and fool us, he might even try and fool himself. I'm not so sure that M2 would agree with Two about being one of the "fortunate ones," see....she sheds a tear! In fact M2 sheds a tear just as 313 sheds a tear when alone in the desert with Six.
    Helen/M2 may have created the fabric of Village in her subconsciousness, but beyond that she has no control. Life in the Village has not turned out like Helen would have wished, certainly for M2 it hasn't. Seeing as how M2 appears to be unable to take an active part in the Village.
   This is by way of one of the deleted scenes of THEPRIS6NER, from the episode of Anvil.

Breathe in.....breathe out.....more Village!

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