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Saturday 21 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

Two Is A Very Clever Man
  He pits citizen against citizen. He offers Six a deal, an opportunity to turn the situation of becoming an "Undercover" to his own advantage. Yet Two's may come , and Two's may go, but each are tied with the same constraint, that no harm must come to Six. That he must survive, but can "suffer!" Deals are offered, and the tissue must not be damaged, something’s never change.

Who Is Number One?
   That apparently is the oldest question in Village history. It was No.2-14 who over saw the reformation. I always thought that the first woman Number Two was Rachel Herbert. But apparently it was Lady Number Two the Great! But as for the question of "Who is Number One....... "There is no Number One. There never has been and there never will be. The concept of the Number Two is an act of humility, the title reminds us all that we are all public servants, even Number Two. No-one is Number One."

Village Litter!
   It was once written that the Village litter bin, a large rectangular box with red and white vertical stripes, seen in the episode of ‘Checkmate,’ situated near No.6's cottage as No.6 runs up the steps to the Bell Tower, is the only time the Village litter bin is seen in the Prisoner. The notice on the litter bin says "Please place litter here." Well that's not a Village litter bin, but a litter bin to be used by the production crew and cast of ‘the Prisoner’ at Portmeirion, and is disguised with red and white stripes so it fits in with The Village if it's caught on camera!

Facts Behind the Prisoner
   The first person to call the village guardian "Rover" by name is No.6 himself in the episode of ‘The Schizoid Man’ when he calls No.2 to report that No.6 {the other one whose name is Curtis} is dead "Rover got him." No.2 immediately gives orders to deactivate Rover. The Village Guardian's name is never heard mentioned again in the remaining episodes of the series.
    The Lotus Seven being driven down the ramp into the underground car park in ‘Many Happy Returns’ is an out-take, filmed at the same time as the ‘Arrival’ or normal opening sequence shot. A usually visible pedestrian is absent in the ‘Many Happy Returns’ carbon copy.
    Towards the end of ‘Many Happy Returns,’ when No.6 is in the jet aircraft looking for the Village, there is a shot of an island before the actual Portmeirion peninsula comes into view. The very same stock footage also appears in an episode of The Avengers called The Superlative Seven, as well as an episode of ‘Danger Man.
   In one of the shots of the Village from the episode of ‘Checkmate,’ the human chess board is not in place on the lawn. A few moments later the whole thing has been laid out and a game of chess begins.
   In the opening sequence of ‘Arrival’ the Prisoner walks across the chess lawn and the distinct patterns of a chessboard can be seen in the lawn itself, different shaded areas. This is because the filming of that part of the opening sequence was filmed after the human chess match of the episode of ‘Checkmate.’
    The shots of No.6 pacing back and forth in the study of his cottage while eating a sandwich and drinking a cup of coffee, seen viewed in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling’ while No.2, Clifford Evans, is talking to the Colonel, Nigel Stock, was lifted from the episode ‘Once Upon A time’ which was made about six months before ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ but screened a few weeks after it.

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