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Saturday 28 December 2013

A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

   The meeting of No.6 with Roland Walter Dutton. I'm never sure whether or not Dutton thought No.6 had killed No.34. London gets briefly mentioned "How's London?" Dutton asks, "about the same" replies No.6, and he tells Dutton that he's arrived in the Village only quite recently. To my mind this tells me that No.6 hasn't been in the Village all that long, and that is supported by the fact that in the film library order of 'the Prisoner,' 'Dance of the Dead' is placed second, or is it third, well it's one or the other. 
   I cannot help but think that No.6 might have met with Chambers late of the Foreign Office at this point. After all Chambers was abducted to the Village, "A nice guy Chambers and so talkative" as No.2 in 'Arrival' put it. But No.6 never met with Chambers, that makes me wonder what happened to him. Perhaps he was turned, and was allowed to leave the Village like Cobb, on the other hand he could have ended up dead, or worse, like Dutton!

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