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Friday 27 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

   That No.6 should begin to rip out the wiring of the teletype machine in ‘Dance of the Dead’ the moment he sees it. There is no explanation as to why he does this, but the machine which whirrs back into life, despite No.6 's attempt to sabotage it, helps demonstrate that no matter how hard they try, they'll never win, and so it seems neither will No.6, and so it's going to be very uncomfortable for him!

Living In Harmony
   The question was once asked "How can they go back to Harmony, if it was just an hallucination?
   Well quite obviously they can't. But it wasn't the Town of Harmony that was the hallucination, just the Town's people and the action which took place. Nor was the Town of Harmony purposely built, as the actual frontier Town of Harmony, is part of The Village itself, seen in the episode of The Schizoid Man when No.6 is about to take off in the helicopter. And previous to that, during The Chimes of Big Ben, the Recreation Hall is in the part of the Village which doubled up for the Town of Harmony.

   Curtis, who we know absolutely nothing about. Not who he is nor where he was seconded to the Village from. The only thing we do know is, that Curtis has worked with this particular Number Two on a previous occasions.
   He captures Number Six's whole character so well. So convincing is he, that he could actually be Number six! The only thing which lets him down in my book, is the fact that Number Six doesn't wear his numbered Penny Farthing badge! You would have thought Curtis would have been aware of that, simply by reading Number Six's file if nothing else.

What follows are extracts from a 60 second interview with Jim Caviezel for the Metro newspaper April 27th 2010.

Were you a fan of the original the Prisoner? "No, I'd never heard of it. I was on my way to do another movie but there was a problem with the financing. Then, bam, they told me to read the script and make a decision immediately. I got to London the next week and only then realised how big it was. I told Ian McKellen I was a bit nervous and he said "Get used to it darling."

Has the remake upset any fans of the original? "It might have but it isn't a remake. It's more a homage to the original. It's more relevent today."

You Brought Me Back Here!
   It has often been remarked upon, the fact that two Number 2's were brought back to The Village for second terms of office. Those of Leo McKern and Colin Gordon. Yet it is easy to forget that in actual fact, three Number 2's were brought back to The Village. And here he is played by Kenneth Griffith, the President, or Judge. Brought back to oversee the final manipulation of No.6!
   It's strange that such Number Two's who have failed in their attempts to gain the reason behind No.6's resignation, were brought back for a second bite of the cherry. Well save for No.2 in The General, who only became involved with No.6 indirectly, due to No.6 poking his nose into business he had no right involvement in....I think!

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