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Sunday 29 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

   It beats me why the press persisted in calling THEPRIS6NER a remake, because it's not. It's a reinterpretation, reinvention, and a homage to the original series. Certainly reviews in the press, and from fans is mixed. And it has been observed that THEPRIS6NER is improved in a second viewing of the episodes.
   As for Two, he becomes more dark and menacing all the time, and I wait to see if his son, 11-12 actually turns on his father. Certainly 11-12 listens intently to what Six has to say about another place, another life. And they say that you cannot die in your dreams, which is lucky for Six with that live grenade in his mouth. Two actually pulled the pin....... and we did hear an explosion, but Six woke up just in time.

   So in the one Village we have Guardians, but no-one knows who the Guardians are. And in new Village we have Undercovers, and anyone could be an Undercover because no-one knows who they are!. The possibility that everyone in the Village is an Undercover, everyone watching everyone else who becomes suspect. Sounds like the Communists witch hunts of the 1950's if you ask me. Where people were watched by their neighbours if they become suspect of being a communist! And wasn’t that the same style of subject for ‘the Prisoner’ episode ‘A Change of Mind?’

Observers Report
   I Observed No.6 with No.50 sat together at the Cafe on the eve of "Appreciation Day," perhaps to many there seemed nothing wrong with this little scene. Well I checked No.6's file, something which my Supervisor doesn't like observes to do. Well I wanted to check something, as I recalled how during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ it was stated in No.6's file that he does not take sugar. And again in the Labour Exchange Manager's ledger it states that No.6 actually gave up sugar four years and three months ago on medical advice. Yet there he is, No.6, freely helping himself from the sugar bowl!

    Once upon a time No.6 trampled a loudspeaker, such as this one, under foot on the morning of his arrival here in the Village. So annoyed was he by the piped music. Well there's no on/off switch you see. But even then, after the loudspeaker had been smashed to bits under foot, the music still continued to play. Which begs the question, was the music actually being piped in through that speaker at all? Well you have to make your own mind up over that one.
  However by the time ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ came along No.6 had found a more subtle way of dealing with unwanted music - by putting said loudspeaker in the refrigerator! But then to borrow one of No.2's saying "You never miss it until it's gone." And such proved to be the case when No.6 woke up one morning and the irritating piped music was no longer there. After which No,6 never seemed to get annoyed by the continuous presence of the music. Indeed, there is the occasional moments when No.6 puts the loudspeaker and the music it plays to his own advantage, using the music to disguise what he and Nadia are talking about that evening during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ outside his cottage. Why does No.6 grow accustomed to the music? Well one can get used to anything, given enough exposure to any given situation. And of course when something is there all the time in the background, one gets used to it, one ceases to notice it.

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