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Saturday 21 December 2013

Thought For The Day

    I am aware that No.6 blamed No.2 for the death of No.73. He saw it that a sadistic No.2 drove 73 to the act of suicide. And yet, well as the scene pans out, with No.6 running to the hospital, then goes dashing up the stairs, and tries to force his way into the room having to be restrained by two medical orderlies, it is then that 73 sees No.6 and leaping out of bed throws herself out of the window. Somehow I get the feeling that No.6 is not all that innocent in all this. I see it that 73 doesn’t hurl herself out of the window because No.2 is threatening her, but because of No.6’s interference. I suppose it’s all a question of interpretation. Mind you No.6 does go to the window and look out to see 73’s body lying on the ground below the window, just checking I suppose. A case of once bitten forever shy, in remembering Cobb’s suicide by jumping from a hospital window!

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