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Tuesday 17 December 2013

The Therapy Zone

We Want Information - Information - Information
  So is that the main purpose behind the Village, the gathering of Information? So what happens to this information when they get it? Perhaps it ends up in a place like these grey filing cabinets we see in the opening sequence to ‘the Prisoner, as in the case of the prisoner's computer print out card, dropped in the filing cabinet marked RESIGNED. But yet the information is incomplete, as they don’t know why he resigned. And that’s the reason why the Prisoner was abducted to the Village, to extract that reason behind his resignation, then the information would be complete.

   We see in Fall Out, that the Prisoner's house is being made ready for him, that his car has been delivered, valeted and polished. So in all the time the Prisoner was in the village, someone was seeing to it that his home, and his car were being taken care of. Mrs Butterworth lived at 1 Buckingham Place for a time, and even had possession of his Lotus 7!
   But 1 Buckingham Place doesn't have a garage, and I cannot believe that the Prisoner’s car had been left parked outside 1 Buckingham Place for 15 months, parked on a single yellow line - the police would have had the Lotus towed away! So I can only imagine that the Lotus was put away in a garage, looked after, as was his house, ready for the Prisoner's return, which took place in Fall Out!
   The Prisoner had leased the house, on which there was 6 months still to run. So if Mrs. Butterworth was supposed to have the house leased to her for 10 years, why was the house 1 Buckingham Place put up for sale? Well obviously the lease Mrs. Butterworth showed the Prisoner was a fake. So with the lease having run out, during the Prisoner's captivation in the village, the house was obviously put up for sale by the owners. But then was taken off the market, bought by who, bought by who....... not the Prisoner, he was awaiting the transfer of ultimate power in that cavern somewhere beneath the village!

Many Happy Returns - But Not For Some!
   This is Martha, Mrs Butterworth's personal housemaid, answering the door to a raggedy man, looking more like a tramp than the previous occupier of the house! Martha gives the man short shrift, and closes the door in his face!
   Now it is most probable that when Mrs Butterworth left London for the village, in order to take up her position of No.2, she took her housemaid Martha with her. Then living in the annex of the Green Dome, Martha here would not suffer the Butler too much, and would soon have our diminutive friend ousted, from position and home!
   Now Martha looks down upon our friend No.6, She seems to have a severe and no nonsense attitude. But I guess a spell in the village has mellowed her "outlook" somewhat. For it would seem that Martha-No.26, has been left behind in the village, after her mistress, Mrs Butterworth, has long since departed the Village after her term of office was up.
     For the next time we met with Martha, is at a time when she encounters our friend No.6 for a second time. She seems to have a dependency on sweets, her one weakness, or a weakness placed there by the use of conditioning and hypnosis treatment at the hospital? But even her previous hardness towards No.6 does not go against her, perhaps No.6 feels pity for this poor soul, left abandoned in the Village by her mistress. So feeling sorry for her, No.6 buys No.26-Martha, a bag of candy, perhaps for old times sake. And Martha’s badge 26 is another cock-up on the continuity front. As the Supervisor also shares that number!

    Yesterday I was listening to The Very Best Of Roger Whittaker, when my imagination was caught by his song "WHY." The last line of the song goes "Will the last word ever spoken be why?"  I don't know, it just struck me as somehow being Prisoneresque. That's it there's nothing else, I suppose it was the WHY in the song, that made me listen more intently.

Be seeing you

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