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Sunday 29 December 2013

A 60 Second Interview With Mister McGoohan

   Police Constable "Excuse me sir, but you are Patrick McGoohan aren't you?"
    McGoohan "Yes officer."
    "Then you are just the man to help we with my enquiries."
    "How so officer?"
    "Well for a start you can explain to me how and why you pulled the wool over the viewers eyes!"
    "What are you talking about officer?"
    "You made a television series which means bugger all, but at least it's good entertainment. But then you give us that blasted Fall Out, what's that all about?"
    "Well officer it's like this...."
    "You can't explain it can you?"
    "No, not really see I can't explain because we're in it!"
    "Yes, you and me officer, standing here, and the camera's over there still filming!"
    "How did you manage that?"
    "I don't know. I've been making Fall Out up as I've gone along. Now if you'll excuse me, my diminutive friend over there and I, have a bus to catch!"

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