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Sunday 9 March 2014

60 Second Interview With Number Eighty-Six

     No.113 "Thank you for taking the time to give this interview Eighty-Six."
    "No.86 "My pleasure. But if you don't mind I'm expected at the Green Dome in five minutes."
    "Oh don't worry Eighty-Six, this won't take a minute."
    "Yes, that's what they all say!"
    "What was that?"
    No.113b "Smile." {click goes the camera}
    No.113 "I understand that you were once posted as disharmonious."
    "Not Unmutual?"
    "Because I was disharmonious."
   "Not unmutual."
   "They are the same thing."
    "But you confessed your dishemony."
    "Yes, and I was helped by the Social Group."
    "Yes of course, and now you are part of the running of that Social Group. But why were you posted unmutual?"
    "I, I was busy you understand and failed to notice a greeting being paid to me."
    "That seems to be a common complaint around here."
    "What do you mean?"
    "Well take Number Six.........."
    "What about him?"
    ".............Well there he was, just having left the Town Hall, when his path is crossed by Number Sixty-One. Number Six greets her, and his greeting is ignored!"
    "And your point is?"
    "Well Number Sixty-One ignored Number Six's greeting."
    "Will Number Sixty-One be brought before the Committee?"
    "Yes, yes of course."
    "There's going to be a long queue outside the Council Chamber."
    "Well if you'll excuse me......."
   With that Number Eighty-Six swept passed both Number One-Hundred and Thirteen b and myself, and out through the opening door.

Reporter No.113
Photographer No.113b

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