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Monday 10 March 2014

Thought For The Day

   In ‘Checkmate,’ a number of tests were conducted out on No.6 by the doctor-No.22. Her report concluded that No.6 has a disregard towards his own safety, and a negative reaction to pain. Well No.6 would never be able to fake that, it would take super human will power. Which is all well and good, however somehow I don’t think Roger Waddis who wrote the script for ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ had been briefed on that aspect of the Prisoner’s character. Because by the time of ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ it appears that No.6’s negative reaction of pain appears to have been forgotten. As during an interrogation session with No.2, No.2 reveals the blade of a sword concealed within his shooting stick, with the tip of the blade No.2 prods No.6’s forehead. “Ah! You react.”
   What No.2 is doing with a sword concealed in his shooting stick I don’t know. For self-preservation perhaps. What’s more No.2 must have smuggled that weapon into the Village with him. Because it is not the usual umbrella style of shooting stick as used in the Village, but the normal kind.

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