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Wednesday 26 March 2014

He Might Have Dropped His Guard with Children!

    In the episode of ‘The Girl Who Was Death,’ No.6 seems to have taken up the position as a child minder. When this activity began is unknown, however it seems highly unlikely that it was a “one off,” seeing as the children want him to come again tomorrow, which the Prisoner promises to do, as he’s no other important appointments. And yet we have no idea whose children the two boys and girl are. It has been suggested that the children were brought to the Village in order for No.2 and his assistant No.10 to bring out No.6’s child minder skill, in an attempt to extract the reason why he resigned by opening up to children. But all he did was tell the children a blessed fairytale! But I suppose it was worth a try, anything is worth a try when you consider everything else that has thus far failed!
    And these children, I don’t see the Village Administration being so cruel as to abduct three defenceless children to the Village. Unless they happen to be orphans, having been brought to the Village with a promise of a better life. Also I don’t see the children as have been brought to the Village with their abducted parent or parents. Although that could be the case with Monique and her father the Watchmaker. However it is just as plausible that Monique was born in the Village. And that could be the case with the three children to whom No.6 tells the fairytale. In that case the children would have no knowledge of the outside world. They wouldn’t know what a lighthouse is, a cricket match, or a funfair. And could they visualise the action taking place in their minds? The car chase, the interior of a public house. The funfair, the
village of Witchwood
where the Girl makes her final attempt to kill Mister X. Could these children imagine all that as No.6 tells his fairytale? But then I’ve never seen a Troll, or a fire breathing dragon, or even a Hob Goblin, except in films, and on a bottle of beer.
    But of course it wasn’t just the children who No.6 was telling his fairytale to, there was No.2, No.10, and you, I, and many television viewers like us. Goodnight children....everywhere.

Be seeing you

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