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Thursday 13 March 2014

March 13th

   It's day 20 for No.6 aboard his raft, he is just raising his sail, which suggests he's not long woken up after four hours sleep. I wonder what the raft was doing in those four hours? Drifting on the current, taking the Prisoner miles off course, which would be the reality of the situation. However we'll put that to one side, and the fact that No.6 should be suffering from hyperthermia by this time. Certainly everyday would be filled with the danger of a storm at sea. The ever present possibility of being swept overboard by an untimely wave, and that could happen at night, when the Prisoner is asleep. And there is the day to day loneliness, there's little for the Prisoner to do. Little he can do to occupy the mind, save for keeping his course, keeping his basic log, eating, and keeping a look out for shipping of any sign from his world. The Prisoner has done well so far, but still has a further five days at sea to battle against the elements.


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