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Thursday 13 March 2014

More Village

      Here they are, a new Number Two, well we are well used to that aren't we readers, but not so a new Number Six, or Six as he is simply known. No, a new Number Six is a whole new experience for us, as is the Village. But to be perfectly honest, I felt that I took to it like a duck to water. No craving for Portmeirion as The Village at all. And now I quite frankly, can't wait for the next episode, and to experience more of this new Village. But hopefully not first hand, if you see what I mean.
   Two has the appearance and character of a friendly man, someone you can go to in times of trouble, two who cares for the citizens and the community he lives in. He's a well dressed man, no double breasted blazer for him. Nothing less than a three piece suits, tie and hat will do for him. And at first glance you may think that he wears not his number, as his predecessors have done, but on closer inspection you see that he wears his number subtly, on his tie. But this Two, who we are stuck with, I say stuck with as a citizen of the Village you understand, is clever, and not so kindly as one might imagine. Why does he keep his wife drugged, sedated the way he does, quietly feeding her pills. Surely it's not completely for her own good, unless his wife is ill. And he certainly turns the death of the old man, 93, to his advantage. Because with or without the body of 93, he holds a funeral, which he sees as deserving of 93. But not for 93's own sake, but that of his own, and for the good of the community. Because if he can convince people like 554 that 93 didn't get out of the Village, then they must come to realise that there is no escape for anyone. And in the way Two eats that cherry cake, there is certainly something dark and dangerous about him.
   Then there's this new Number Six, or Six as he is called. He is of a different calibre to that of his predecessor. But at least we know his name, Michael, Michael...........? That he lived in New York, and that he resigned his job. He keeps having dreams of being in New York, or is he in New York dreaming of the Village? But then he can’t be, because Two tells him there is no New York, only the Village! Well either way he's a more quieter character than that of his predecessor, not in your face all the time. Not that Six should be compared to his predecessor. But he is angry, and voices his protest at being in the Village, he's going to escape as soon as he can. But he protests  it in a much more quiet, subtle way. What's more he's not a number. He's a free man!

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