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Thursday 20 March 2014

Quote For The Day

    "If only I had just a little bit more time."
    "We're running late as it is."
    "I know that!"
                                      {No.2 and the Supervisor-No.26 - It's Your Funeral}

   More and more it appears to be a question of time, as suggested by No.2 in 'A Change of Mind.' Not only was No.2 of 'A B and C' being put under pressure because he had used up too much time researching and computing the Prisoner's whole life, that he had only three days left in order to extract the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation. That No.2 was given only a week for Degree Absolute. It also appears that the interim No.2 of 'It's Your Funeral' had spent too much time on preparing for this episode. That No.50 took her time making up her mind to go and see No.6. And there he was besmirching the Supervisor-No.2 for trying to save him a little time for arranging to have the door of '6 Private' left open, so that she would have access. If he hadn't, well as we know No.6 doesn't always answer the door when someone comes calling.

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