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Friday 28 March 2014

Teabreak Teaser

     In ‘the Girl Who Was Death,’ why should No.2 think No.6 would open up to children, and tell them the some ridiculous story about why he resigned ?



  1. No.2 thought they might get an insight into No.6's motivations by bringing the children in. Although it's a strange idea, because kids stories don't usually involve concepts such as the complexities of how someone feels about a job that they wish to leave. Many people are unhappy in their jobs at some time, and it doesn't sound like the kind of story kids would want to hear! I think most kids would prefer a story about action, adventure and heroes than the complex introspection involved in someone assessing what they're doing with their working life.

    It seems implausible and a little uncomfortable, and there's no on-screen evidence, but perhaps the kids were working for No.2 ! Maybe the kids are there as part of a "bring your children to work" day, we've never seen kids in the Village before. Whatever, No. 6 would have known his story would be watched, as his "Good night, children, everywhere" shows.

    On the other hand, were the kids really there? It could be "A, B & C" and "Living in Harmony" all over again, although we could say that about any of the episodes I guess.

    I haven't really answered your original question - maybe after all of the other failed attempts to get information from No.6, the Village was clutching at straws. Perhaps they thought No.6 would have been stressed by all his time in the Village and that he could do with someone to talk to, and he wouldn't suspect the children. Having No.6 telling kids stories might have given him a sense of security, that he might have dropped his guard, as No.2 said.

    Be seeing you

    1. Hello ZM72,
      That's a good comment, and a good answer. And quite right about most people being unhappy in their jobs, been there, read the book, worn the 'T' shirt.And again about the children, No.6 told them what he thought they wanted to hear. As for the children, they appear to enjoy No.6's story, Wanting him to come again tomorrow.
      A "bring your children to work day," I like that. No.2 stooping to almost any level, even to using his own children to attain the desired information!

      Very kind regards