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Tuesday 18 March 2014

The Prisoner-No.6

    The Prisoner known as Number 6, he's an individual, he's rebellious, refuses to settle down, to join in. He's stubborn, angry, and what's more he keeps trying to escape! Well in my book that doesn't make him so very different to anyone else who has been abducted to the Village. Well anyone would be damned angry, and react the same way as Number 6 if they were abducted to a place like the Village. Would want to know where they are, and who it was who had them brought to the Village, and why? But I think there is a question of how long anyone would be able to resist the interrogation techniques used against prisoners. That it would only be a question of time before anyone was coerced into doing what No.2 wanted. As for escaping the Village, I think that would depend on ones personal background. Not everyone would have the knowledge that Number 6 appears to have, and the skill to implement most of his plans for escape. One might have the boy scout knowledge to make a home made compass for example, but not have to ability to construct a coracle or sea-going raft. To this degree I think Number 6 is an extraordinary man, to have survived waking up to find he's somebody else! To have his mind transferred into another man's body, how many of us could live with that for very long? Number 6 might be an angry man at times, and yet there are times when he takes things so calmly, as at the end of 'Many Happy Returns.' But then there are more mundane matters, such as having returned home to find both his house and his Lotus seven in the possession of another person. I think Number 6 was very calm about that, I certainly wouldn't have been!
   Basically I don't think the Prisoner-Number 6 is very much different from you and I. As for the rest, well it's only the scriptwriters who have given Number 6 the extraordinary skills he has..

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