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Wednesday 19 March 2014

If The Prisoner Is Anything, He Is Nothing But Adaptable!

    The Prisoner eventually adapts to life in the Village, well at least he stops attempting to escape, having realised that there is no escape! But he’s very resourceful our Number 6. Look at the way he adapts to the situation he finds himself in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ but can any amount of training prepare you for the day when your mind is wrongly housed in another man’s body? Anyone else would have gone running off into the sunset, screaming his head off once he'd seen himself in that mirror. But not Number 6, he takes the situation in his stride. Yes it was a shock to begin with, that’s only to be expected. But he’s calm, calculated, and it could be the moment to approach Sir Charles Portland and tell him his story, if he can get passed the fact that he doesn’t look anything like the man he purports to be!
    And in ‘Living In Harmony,’ the Prisoner finds himself handing in both his badge and gun to a Marshall in the American 1800's, and has to deal with life in a town more than a century ago! In any given situation the Prisoner accepts the one he finds himself in at the time, and simply gets on with it, as he did when he woke up one morning to find that he is someone else, and not Number 6, but Number 12. He was confused of course. But he didn’t go running off into the distance screaming “Who am I?” as suggested by Curtis He went to Number 2 and asked what it was all about? I'm not so sure that the everyday common man or woman would take things quite as easy-going as the Prisoner, or resolve any situation as easily as Number 6 does.

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