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Friday 28 March 2014

The Professor and Speedlearn

   “Speedlearn,” the Professor explains “is quite simply the most important, the most far reaching, most beneficent development in mass education since the beginning of time. A marriage of science and mass communication which results in the abolition of years of tedious, wasteful schooling. A three year course indelibly impressed upon the mind in three minutes. Impossible? That’s what I said until I was introduced to the General. And then I realised, that not only was it possible, but that education is ready for a giant leap forward from the dark ages into the twenty and twenty-first centuries. Ladies and gentlemen, I have been a teacher for the thirty years…..Speedlearn has made me as obsolete as the Dodo!”
   No it hasn’t! If anything the Professor is working harder than ever. He is forever typing up notes for his next lecture, because no sooner has one instalment of a lecture been completed, than he’s busy working on the first phase of the next instalment. In fact due to the success of the course, it has put an added strain on the Professor. Hence the need for a little rest and therapy treatment now and again in order to keep him working. It would seem that through his enthusiasm and admiration for Speedlearn, the Professor has become a slave to it. More than that, Speedlearn would make slaves of us all!

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