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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Thought For The Day

    "Don't tell me that time travel is in it as well!"
    It's improbable, but not impossible, anything is possible in the Village. Take the situation of the Prisoner that time all unpleasant memories of the Village had been wiped from his mind. His mind then regressed back to the day he was to hand in his letter of resignation, and was then returned to his London home in Buckingham Place, in the City of Westminster. Well that's all well and good as far as it goes. Then the Prisoner wakes up only to find he's not the man he thought he was, but that of the Colonel! What's more as the Prisoner stares into the mirror some of those unpleasant memories of the Village suddenly come flooding back. Well it wouldn't be the first time that all has been revealed to No.6 when he's stared into a mirror!
  So, with the Prisoner's mind in the body of the Colonel, the Prisoner finds it impossible to hand in his letter of resignation, not with having the face of another man. So instead he goes off to see Sir Charles Portland in order to seek his help with this current situation the Prisoner finds himself in. But just a minute! The Prisoner hasn't handed in his letter of resignation yet, so he's still working for Sir Charles Portland and his department within British Intelligence. But surely it's only the Prisoner's mind that has been regressed to the day he should have handed in his resignation, not physically taken back to that time. So that when the Prisoner wakes up on the day he resigned, he had already resigned a year before, as also on that day the Prisoner was abducted to the Village. So that even if in the mind of the Prisoner he had not resigned yet, to Sir Charles Portland that wouldn't have mattered, because the Prisoner had  resigned. Although Sir Charles didn't seem to be aware of that fact, because he admits to his daughter Janet that he hadn't sent the Prisoner-ZM73 on a mission. So the only way that all this could come about, is if the Prisoner's mind had physically been sent back in time in the Colonel's body to the day the Prisoner resigned! Is that right? If it is, then time travel would be in it after all.

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