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Wednesday 26 March 2014

More Village

  This is 544, a waitress at the Solar cafe, who died in an explosion, the Solar Cafe having been blown up, caused by a suspected gas leak. I have to say that it was something of an extreme way to have someone killed who was both a dreamer, and with whom Six was getting up close and friendly.
   544 suffered a Village death, someone who didn't truly die, but in her Village death was returned to her former life in the "other place," namely New York City Yet there is another way of looking at it, because just before the explosion there was an announcement which Six heard over a nearby radio that was playing, about an apparent gas explosion in the heart of Brooklyn. It was reported in radio broadcast that only Six heard. So was 544’s other self was killed in a gas explosion back in Brooklyn because of her Village death? And yet on the other hand, it might have been that 544’s other self died in a gas explosion in Brooklyn, and that explosion was then mirrored in the Village with the explosion of the Solar Café.
Because if a citizen of the Village suffers a Village death they simply cease to exist there, people brought to the Village only exist in the Village in their subconscious mind. But someone who has been brought to the Village, still physically exists in New York. So if 544’s other self was actually killed in a gas explosion in Brooklyn, then she would cease to exist in the Village because she had physically died.
    There is much in THEPRIS6NER to conjure with in the mind.

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