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Sunday 9 March 2014

A Favourite Scene In The Prisoner

    In 'Checkmate' in the Control Room when No.6 is transmitting his distress call. I can hear that it's the voice of No.6, why can't the Supervisor and his assistant? This Supervisor cannot be quite up to the mark if he requires an assistant! I don't recall a Supervisor requiring an assistant before. Perhaps No.249 was actially No. 2's assistant, and perhaps he didn't require an assistant, unlike other No. 2's before and after him, he sent him off to the Control Room. And there's an Observer who is being relieved on the see-saw, he'll be off for a break and a refreshing cup of tea I shouldn't wonder. Well one can only watch a CCTV monitor for so long even when rotating and going up and down on a see-saw, about twenty minutes as a rule, after then you stop noticing things.
   Here is the Supervisor's assistant No.249, pictured with the Supervisor.
   They are trying to get a radar signal off the life raft. If they're not careful they'll be getting readings from the Village!


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