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Monday 10 March 2014

Progress Report On Number 6

   No.6 remains much the same, although he's much older these days, he continues to resist, refuses to settle down, refusing to accept the Village, although we have changed his number. He’s 93 these days. But he still dreams of escape. However recently he's taken to dreaming of what 93 calls the "Other Place,” and he’s turned to drink, so much so that he’s no more than a drunken old man these days. No-one listens anymore to his ranting and raving about not belonging in the Village. He wanted to know where he was, how he came to be here. He goes about shouting “I am not a number, I am a free man.” He wants to go home, to return to London, but Two told him, “There is no London Ninety-three, there is only the Village!”

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  1. IMHO, and I'm sure you'll disagree but, I think it's insulting to Patrick McGoohan to try to link the original version of The Prisoner to the dire remake-thing. The Prisoner was a work of art from a passionate man with real concerns and feeling. McGoohan had something to say. The remake-thing was just a soulless attempt to cash in on a 'brand name'.

    1. Hello Mr. McGary,
      You are of course entitled to your opinion, if you don't like the 2009 series that's fair enough. Insulting to Patrick McGoohan, I don't know, and you can only assume that to be the case.
      As for linking the two series I think you'll find screenwriter Bill Gallagher did that with the charater of the old man 93, who is the former No.6.
      It is strange, that people like youself who do not like the 2009 series say much the same thing, even using the same words. And it must be remembered that even the original series of 'the Prisoner' was generally disliked, and loathed at the time, on both sides of the Atlantic. And it took almost ten years before Patrick McGoohan's series became fully appreciated.
      You may not wish to take my word for it, but the tide of antipathy towards THEPRIS6NER-09 is turning. In fact I have heard from one hard and fast fan of 'the Prisoner' who originally hated the new series, but having decided to give it a second chance, he now prefers THEPRIS6NER to the original series.
      Indeed you are quite right in your description of Patrick McGoohan's original series. But unlike 'the Prisoner' which was ahead of it's time, THEPRIS6NER is "of" it's time, and reflects many aspects that plague society today.

      Very best wishes