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Saturday 15 March 2014

The Session Is In Security!

Called In The Matter of An Inspirational Crisis!
    Over the past few days I have experienced something of a crisis, as inspiration for writing 'Prisoner' blog articles deserted me. It happens on occasion. My mind was completely cloudy in this regard, and the more I tried to find some inspired blog, the more inspiration eluded me. And it is true that recently my articles have become somewhat repetitive, something which I have been only too aware of, although this might not be so important. With hindsight perhaps posting five articles a day has been two or three too many, but then after all it is I who set myself that target, which was so very easy to achieve, but not so much now it has to be said, perhaps only on occasion.
   Because of this mental blog block, the lack of inspiration to look at ‘the Prisoner’ in different ways, gave me cause to question myself. I asked myself if I was beginning to drift away from ‘the Prisoner?’ “And are you?” the Judge asked. Well I’m in no hurry to watch the series again, unlike THEPRIS6NER-09 series which I shall be watching again next month, my ninth screening of the series, for its fifth anniversary. The Judge said she didn’t think I was drifting away from the original series of ‘the Prisoner,’ otherwise I would not have purchased that TAMIYA Lotus Super 7 kit car model the other day, I would have left it on the shelf. “The fact that you get “blog block,” and the lack inspiration now and again isn’t so surprising. Especially when you consider your past output I have written on the subject.” “True” I said. But what about the fact that I have decided to paint that model black, even to consider painting it in the same colours as the Caterham Super Seven that appears in THEPRIS6NER-09? “Years ago there would have been no question of your not painting the model in ‘Prisoner’ livery, and that is what you did with the model Twenty-two years ago. Let me ask you this. What would you have thought of a new series if it had happened years ago, in the 1990’s say?” I probably wouldn’t have liked it, but it’s obviously difficult to say. “But you would have expected such a series to be filmed in Portmeirion?” Yes, yes I would. “And for any such new series to adhere closely to that of the original series?” Well quite. “There are two distinguishing factors here. Firstly that you have taken to THEPRIS6NER-09 series like a duck to water. That you have accepted the fact that the series was not filmed in Portmeirion, also the fact at that time that it didn’t bother you at all that the series was filmed in Swakopumnd. This demonstrates that you have an open mind, and are able to accept new concepts as far as ‘the Prisoner’ is concerned. The other day you purchased a model kit car of a Lotus Super 7. The fact that you instantly thought to paint KAR 120C in it’s original livery of black, and did not once consider for even a moment to paint it in ‘Prisoner’ livery, and yet considering to paint it in the livery of the Seven which appears in THEPRIS6NER, shows you are no longer a purist, you are free to expand your mind within the realm of ‘the Prisoner.’. Your mind is no longer confined by the conventional ideals you once held in such high regard, regarding ‘the Prisoner!” said the Judge. I thought about this, and the Judge is right. I suddenly felt free in mind.

Be seeing you, and thank you for reading

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