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Sunday 16 March 2014

We want Information - Information - Information!

    No.2 wanted information, information, information, and by hook or by crook they will get it! Even the Seltzman machine was employed in the gathering of information. And as we know the Administration behind the Village do like to know everything. And yet there are gaps in that information, such as they didn't know that "B" of 'A B and C' had a son. Other than the occasional gap, their information is extensive. It's not at all sure what it is they do with this information when they get it, or who has access to such information, if at all anyone. But to my mind, any such information gained is filed away in these grey filing cabinets.
   Over the years there have been times when information has been de-classified, the contents of files revealed to disclose all manner of former secret and sensitive information. Unless of course any such information has a de-classification date, say fifty years, or perhaps one hundred years, just to make sure that anyone linked to such sensitive information is dead. As it happens 'the Prisoner' is approaching 50 years, perhaps then the Prisoner's letter of resignation, held secret for the past 47 years now, will be de-classified and the letter's sensitive content revealed at last.

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