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Tuesday 11 March 2014

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    No.6 has never seen a night, he just sleeps! Well of course that's because citizens in the Village are drugged at night, as it’s simply an easier way to control the citizens at night-time. And yet each citizen is locked in their cell at night, so isn’t actually drugging the citizens slightly over the top? Well perhaps not, after all both No.6 and Nadia were able to break curfew in order to put the components of No.6’s boat together and then sail off into the moonlight.
   Number 6 also enjoyed an evening out at the “Cat and Mouse” nightclub, then went on to the therapy Zone. And during ‘The Schizoid Man’ No.6 was out and about in the evening when he was approached by two “bully-boy” Guardians who asked him for the password. However these two events may well have taken place before curfew.
   During ‘The General,’ citizens are allowed out at night to join in the Mardi Gras in order to celebrate the fruits of Speedlearn. And at night in ‘Dance of the Dead’ No.6 is able to slip out of his cottage at night via the French door. I’ve sometimes wondered if that door had been left un-locked on purpose, seeing as the front door is locked at curfew time. Mind you No.6 is only awake because he didn’t drink his nightcap of hot chocolate! “I’ve never seen a night, I just sleep” says No.6. That may be so, and yet on another evening No.6 is allowed out at night, in order to attend the Ball being held at the Town Hall. Now why the Town Hall? I should have thought that a Ball would have been better held in the Recreation Hall, allowing No.6 into the Town Hall was simply asking for trouble. After all No.6 is never one to let any given opportunity slip by, he was bound to go poking his nose about the Town Hall. And yet there was several doors locked against him, it was as though No.6 was being led to where No.2 wanted him to go…the Mortuary!
   And we must not forget that curfew was once again broken, not only by No.6, but also by his reliable men, as they tried to effect an escape in ‘Checkmate.’ And again in ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ No.6 was out and about the Village at night, this time to leave a envelope containing blank sheets of paper in the main cabin of the Stoneboat.
    So it turns out that No.6 doesn’t always sleep, and has in fact seen many an evening and more than a couple of nights during his captivity in the Village.

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