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Wednesday 19 March 2014

More Village!

   Well it has to be said that I am well and truly captivated by this series, what's more I've recently had contact with other fans of the original series who are enjoying this reinterpretation by email and good old fashioned postal mail!
    Those who have seen, are well aware, the Village logo or emblem is on most things in the Village, and during the episode of Schizoid I observed that the Village logo makes up the whole 'eye chart' in the 313's examination room at the Clinic. How can a doctor check your eyesight using a chart made up not of letters of the alphabet, but of the Village logo that's inexplicable!
   It was a nice touch to have the Village logo on the base of Two's tea cup, because when Two lifted up the cup to drink his tea, there was the logo, I was reminded of the scene from ‘A Change of Mind,’ when No.6 poured the contents of his tea cup into the flower pot, and could see the pottery mark of Portmeirion on the base of the cup.
   Yes, this series has grown on me, it was growing on me all through the series production, and while ITV were originally showing tantalising adverts for the series, well, they only made me want to see the series more and more.  
   At times it was a bit of a trial with a couple of episodes, but a second viewing soon had me wanting more from THEPRIS6NER, and as they say "Be careful for what you wish for, you might get it," and as it happens as this series progressed, I had “got it,” I understood. I couldn’t wait for the final episode to see how things would turn out. Whether Six would escape the Village, or that Two would be successful in handing the Village over to Six. It was a strange situation at the time, because the final episode of ‘Checkmate’ had been delayed because of the intervention of a World Cup football match. Which meant that I had actually purchased THEPRI6ONER DVD box set from HMV before the final episode was screened. So if I wanted to I could have simply unsealed the box sitting on a bookshelf, and so watch the final episode before Checkmate was screened by ITV. But I didn’t. I managed to wait until the television screening on the next Saturday night, because I wanted to do it right, as it was with the original series. Back in those days there was no putting the video in the recorder to watch the next episode back in 1967-68, no DVD box set of the series, or iPlayer on the World Wide Web to watch. So I did it the old fashioned way, as in the days when you had to wait for something to come along on television, and I believe in those days, television programmes and series were much more appreciated than they are today, because in the old days there were no second chances!
    Next month I shall be watching the series again. There are two or three cars which are in need of identification, so I can add their die cast models to my collection. Not to mention reliving the important scenes again, important scenes which contain the clues to the meaning and origins of this series right from Arrival through to Checkmate.

Be seeing you…….Village is best for us

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