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Saturday 15 March 2014

Thought For The Day

   If No.6 had something to sell, and was going to sell out as having researched and computed the whole of the Prisoner’s life indicated, then the Administration behind the Village, could have saved themselves a great deal of time and trouble, if they themselves had bought the information. Mind you even if they had, what might they have done with it? Simply to file it away in one of their grey filing cabinets seen during the opening sequence! But in any case, it’s all too late now anyway, seeing as they have the man in question as a prisoner in the Village. Also it would appear to me that there was a flaw somewhere within the researching and computing of the Prisoner’s entire life. I wonder if they have a file for HOLIDAY BROCHURES amongst those grey filing cabinets?
  And one further thing, at the end of ‘A B and C,’ I have always thought that the oversized, curved red telephone bleeps rather prematurely. Yes No.2 has been defeated by No.2, something No.14 seems pleased about. But how did No.1 get to know of No.2’s failure so quickly?
 I can only assume there were surveillance cameras in the laboratory, and Number 1 had been watching all the time.

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  1. We don't know for sure that the phone call at the end was meant for Number 2 - it may have been a wrong number!
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    1. Hello ZM72,
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