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Saturday 15 March 2014

Collectors Corner

                        Do You Model In Prisoner?


   Last Thrusday I was out and about the town with my wife and a visiting friend. To cut a long story short, in a charity shop Chris found the above boxed kit-car model, and handed it to me. I immediately went and paid the £2 for the model, which was, to my surprise, still sealed.
   I do already have this model car, which I painted in 'Prisoner' livery, that model is some 22 years old now. I am looking forward to building this kit-car with my own hands, however it will not be painted in British racing green, nor will it have a yellow nose. I fully intend to give KAR 120C it's original identity, and paint the kar in it's original colour of black, and I have absolutely no qualms about that decision whatsoever. However I did consider the idea of whether I might paint it in the same colours as the Caterham Super 7 which appears in an episode of THEPRIS6NER. But then I dismissed that idea. However it is a thought which I shall file away for future reference, should I come across another such TAMIYA model Lotus Super 7.

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