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Thursday 27 March 2014

Caught On Camera!

   Surely it was reported that the telephone was missing from the telephone kiosk. Not to mention the screwdriver and piece of electrical equipment form the trailer of the electrics truck. Mind you I suppose the electrician might have thought he had simply misplaced the screwdriver and piece of equipment. I don't know how the Supervisor-No.56 missed seeing the camera being stolen. When the Rook is busy disconnecting the surveillance camera, the Supervisor is scanning the central area of the Village at the time as the Rook tilts the camera downwards to get at the wiring so to rip it out, and then the wall screen in the Control Room goes blank! That should have told the Supervisor-No.56 that something was wrong. And didn't the electrician who was sent to repair camera thirty-four which was kaput report that it was actually missing from its plinth? All these thefts, and act of wanton vandalism, were they never reported? It would seem not!

Be seeing you, but not via camera 34 it seems!

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