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Wednesday 12 March 2014

Thought For The Day

   If No.6 has an Achilles heel, then it's his weakness for a damsel in distress. No.6 first demonstrates this during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,” when he comes to the aid of No.8-Nadia after witnessing the interrogation session when a disembodied voice was asking what was in her mind, whether she was attempting suicide. Then he wants to help 'B' of ‘A B and C,’ who is in distress because “they” want to kill her, the Prisoner thought she didn’t care. Although being killed is an occupational hazard, she does care, and the Prisoner will help her, she knows that. “They” want “B” to make a deal with them, “they” want to know why he resigned. But even the Prisoner is only prepared to help to a point, asking why he resigned goes beyond that point, realising the words coming out of “B’s” mouth are not her own.
   Then there's No.73 of ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ driven to the act of suicide by No.2, and whose death the Prisoner avenges, he even lays flowers on her grave. And Monique-No.50 who goes seeking No.6's help in preventing the assassination of No.2, he may not believe her at the beginning, but is happy to be a tool used by No.50 to save her father {the Watchmaker} No.51. And finally vengeance rears it's head once more, as No.6 guns down The Kid in the street of the frontier Town of Harmony, as he avenges the murder of Cathy, and also extracts his revenge upon No.8 when he attempts to strangle No.22 in a repeat of the earlier scene.

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