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Friday 22 January 2016

Be Still!

   Everyone is still, at the command of Number 2, standing stock still in fact. And that includes the Prisoner who when he attempts to take a step forward finds himself suddenly rooted to the spot! Then a small white balloon appears in the waterspout of the fountain. Suddenly growing in size it takes a position on top of the Gloriette. But at what price? For the membranic Guardian appears to be nothing more than a white over-sized balloon. Therefore a demonstration is called for. Enter a young man wearing a striped jersey, sporting sunglasses and corduroy hat, standing in the pool. All of a sudden, and for no apparent reason, he begins to dash about without actually appearing to go anywhere. It seems likely that this young man has been conditioned to behave in this way, suddenly released from whatever holds his fellow citizens to the spot. The young man ignores Number 2’s seemingly half-hearted order for him to stop and turn back. He then becomes the prey of the Guardian, who attacks its victim suffocating him into unconsciousness or to death. So without that demonstration the balloon is only what it appears to be, however because of that demonstration, the white looking balloon suddenly becomes something entirely different, and a whole lot more dangerous. And shows what you have to face should citizens step out of line, even though they still don’t know what it is!
   “What was that?” the Prisoner asks.
   “That would be telling” Number 2 replied. 

Be seeing you

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