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Friday 15 January 2016

Village Life!

    You’re not going to drink that are you? After all you poured your nightcap of hot chocolate into the sink, and after the maid had gone to the trouble of making it for you! Oh I see, you think the nightcap was drugged, laced with a sedative to make you sleep. Well that’s more likely than not. But how did the maid drug your hot chocolate? Perhaps she brought a phial of the drug with her and slipped it into the hot drink. Do you think all the maids go about The Village every night making everyone a nightcap to make sure they sleep at night? Perhaps they do, perhaps locking everyone into their cells, I mean rooms and cottages, isn’t sufficient to make the Village secure enough at night. If that’s the case, who drugs the maids nightcaps, or perhaps they do it themselves, self-induced so to speak. Or they do each others. Ah but we’re digressing, getting away from the main point. I wouldn’t drink that if I were you, the tap water might well be laced with a sedative drug to make you sleep, just in case you are disinclined to drink the cup of hot chocolate. In fact it just might be the case that the sedative drug is in the tap water anyway. That would save the mid from having to bring a phial of the drug with her to put in your nightcap. It also means that with the drug being in the tap water, the maid is completely oblivious to the fact that the nightcap of hot chocolate that she has made for you is laced with a powerful sedative. I bet none of that has ever entered your head has it? Well if you’re going to drink it drink it. Because if you don’t you’ll only be awake again, and there’s no point in lying in bed when you’re awake is there? Being so restless you’ll only get up out of bed and spend the night pacing the floor of your cell, sorry, cottage. Unless of course security has forgotten to lock the French window leading out onto the balcony. Anyway what harm can it do to drink that glass of water? Goodnight Number 6, happy dreams!

Be seeing you

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