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Saturday 30 January 2016

The Seltzman Machine

    On the face of it, it appears that there are two sides looking for Doctor Joseph Seltzman {originally Saltzman} but only one, if it’s British Intelligence who are behind The Village. That being the case, why the need to have the undertaker follow Potter? Perhaps it was a case of just making sure. But either way, Sir Charles Portland wanted to know where Seltzman was, and seeing how his men had failed to locate him through a set of slide transparencies, perhaps agents working for The Village might have better luck. Seeing as Number 6 was the last person to see Doctor Seltzman.
   But why the need for Seltzman? After all The Village authorities already had a Seltzman machine. So if they didn’t know where Seltzman was, how did the authorities behind The Village manage to obtain a Seltzman machine in the first place? Perhaps it was like Number 240 in ‘Dance of the Dead’ describing how, at the Prisoner’s trial, he was able to obtain a radio. “He had no radio of his own, there was no radio he could have borrowed, so when acquiring one….”

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