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Thursday 28 January 2016

Thought For The Day

  KAR 120C, a Lotus Seven which looks the business in its British racing green, with yellow nosed livery. A sports car, almost a racing car, for the road, fast, sporty, rebellious, a car for the single man, for the individual. But not a car for the winter months, nor does it look so cool with the hood up. Also, on a chilly day damned cold, it having no heater. I admired KAR 120C, I even dreamed of owning one once. But then I became disillusioned, of not with the Lotus Seven itself, but with the paint job. I guess back in the 1960’s there were not so many Lotus Sevens about, and such a car could be seen to belong to the individual, that the car was an individual. Someone who enjoyed the freedom of the open road, the wind in his hair and all that. But in the 1980’s and 1990’s, and to this day I expect, there are far more Lotus/Caterham 7’s about in ‘the Prisoner’ livery. I remember being on holiday at Pormeirion in the late 1980’s when at least 9 Lotus 7’s turned up, 9 all in ‘the Prisoner’ livery. It was then I began to think that there were too many about in ‘the Prisoner‘ livery, and the car seemed to be no longer individual! I suppose that’s why I’ve given the Prisoner in the manuscript of my novel, not only a different car to that of a Lotus 7, but a new Number 6!

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