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Thursday 21 January 2016

The Therapy Zone

    It must have taken about six weeks, give or take a week depending on how long it took Number 6 to grow a full beard. And to condition his mind, to change his right-handedness to being left-handed, to change his likes and dislikes etc. But while all that was going on, might not the same be happening to Number 12? When Number 6 wakes up as Number 12 surely that is how Curtis looked on the day of his arrival in The Village. So that his appearance would have to be altered in order for him to look like Number 6. The moustache would have to come off for a start, his hair dyed and restyled. Curtis might not have had to be conditioned in the same was as Number 6 had been, he might already have been right-handed for example. But there would be all kinds of things to learn about Number 6. First Curtis would have to read Number 6’s personal file in order to get to know everything about the man. Then he would be sat in front of a television set, screen, or monitor in order to watch hours and hours of film footage of Number 6, to study the man very closely. To learn the way he speaks, the tone of his voice, the way he walks, his mannerisms so that Curtis can mimic them precisely. Only he added a few embellishments of his own. He chose the wrong coloured blazer, he wears the numbered Penny Farthing badge, something Number 6 never does, and he whistles, Number 6 is never heard to whistle. And finally Curtis appears to be making himself into a better Number 6, who appears more at ease with himself than the real Number 6 does, has come to accept The Village, and the circumstances which brought him there.

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