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Tuesday 12 January 2016

Village Radio

   “And here is a personal message for Number Six, it is from one hundred and thirteen. And it reads, warmest greetings on your birthday, may the sun shine on you today and everyday.”
   That concluded the personal messages. The Supervisor then went on to return to playing music. So as well as overseeing the Control Room, the Supervisor-Number 26 doubled up as the presenter on Village Radio!
   Previously it was actress Fenella Fielding who provided the voice behind Village Radio, making announcements, and giving the weather forecasts etc. So it might have been a nice touch had Fenella been the Village Radio presenter reading out the personal message for Number 6 instead of the Supervisor Peter Swanwick. But then again if it had not been the Supervisor who had read out that personal message for Number 6, Number 2 couldn’t have come storming into the Control Room, accusing the Supervisor of being part of some kind of conspiracy, and then remove him from his position as Supervisor. Mind you Number 2 could have reacted in the same way to the radio presenter played by Fenella Fielding, for having read that personal message for Number 6, but as we never see Fenella Fielding, the effect would hardly have been the same.

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