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Monday 11 January 2016

The Colonel

   Well that didn’t go as planned did it Colonel. All you’ve done is show that there is no-one he can trust any more. That even his old colleagues no longer have any loyalty towards him. I suppose that’s because he’s no longer of the department of British Intelligence, so he’s out in the cold to coin a phrase.
   It seems to have been a well thought out and conceived plan, and it might have worked, had it not been for that chap at post five. I mean if he had had his wrist watch set at Polish time and not English time. A telling point don’t you think?
   But at least its not Number 2 who has to carry the can for this latest failure to extract the reason behind the Prisoner’s resignation. As he doesn’t appear to have had much to do with it, except to see Number 6 escape the Village with Nadia. As for you and Fotheringay, both of you, working for The Village? Would that be a different department in British Intelligence than yours? It might well be, if Number 2’s remark is anything to go by. He told Fotheringay to get back to
London before any embarrassing questions are asked. What embarrassing questions might they be Colonel? Perhaps you and Fotheringay were assigned to The Village, without your superiors knowing about it. But at least both of you will leave The Village, others of your kind were not so fortunate!

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