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Thursday 7 January 2016

Bureau of Visual Records

    What a kind gesture it was, to use those 2,000 free work units to buy Number 38’s tapestry to hang in his own home. I bet Number 38 couldn’t believe her luck. She would be able to afford to go to the hairdressers and get her perm done, then treat herself to afternoon tea at the café. As for Number 6, well he thought he’d not be needing those 2,000 work units, so he might as well give them to someone who would make best use of them, someone deserving. After all he was leaving The Village, with no thought of ever coming back. So it was a kind gesture on the part of Number 6, a benevolent gesture, a public gesture, after all he didn’t have to buy Number 38’s tapestry. All he had to do was to take the tapestry off the wall when he and Nadia collected the pieces of his sculpture from the Recreation Hall that night in order to assemble the boat on the beach. And yet to actually buy Number 38’s tapestry might well have been clever thinking on Number 6’s part. After all he didn’t know what might have happened to the tapestry after the exhibition. Number 38 might have taken it home with her, or have given it to someone as a gift, might even have given it to Number 2 to hang on the chamber wall of his office, and that would have made the situation very difficult for Number 6, seeing as he needed the tapestry for a sail. So in having bought the tapestry from Number 38 Number 6 was taking no chances. So perhaps not so kind a gesture after all!

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