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Saturday 16 January 2016

Caught On Camera!

    During ‘’The Chimes of Big Ben,’ Number 6 places a pencil into the breast pocket of his blazer, an action which doesn’t make much sense, not without the rest of the scene! The rest of the scene is in what fans of ‘the Prisoner’ have become pleased to call ‘The Alternative Chimes of Big Ben.’ Number 6 is outside his cottage using a Triquetrum, an ancient Greek device which he uses to make astronomical measurements of the stars. He does this in an attempt to detect the location of The Village. It’s not an altogether accurate device, but not too bad. Then as he’s made an astronomical notation, Nadia appears returning to her cottage having undergone a lengthy interview with Number 2.
   "Long Lunch" Number 6 remarks, and invites Nadia into his cottage for a nightcap, a drink. And as he does so he places the pencil in the breast pocket of his blazer, which makes perfect sense. However, in the regular series episode of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ when Nadia is returning to her cottage Number 6 is still outside, and places the pencil in the breast pocket of his blazer. But there is no sign of the Triquetrum. So why the pencil? Well its obviously the way the film has been edited, the Triquetrum scene having been edited out, well almost. Otherwise Number 6 wouldn’t have been outside his cottage to be able to invite Nadia in for a nightcap. And the pencil? Well perhaps Number 6 had been sat outside his cottage in the moonlight completing a chess problem in The Tally Ho!  

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