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Thursday 14 January 2016

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

  The question is, does ZM73 recognise the face in the mirror staring back at him? Or is it simply because of what has been done to him this time, that he breaks the mirror with his fist? It might well be both. ZM73 knows that he can no longer trust his former colleagues, having already faced two Colonels since his abduction to The Village. And now look what they have done to him! But here is a cunning twist, because as ZM73 has now the outward appearance of the Colonel, he cannot go running to the Colonel because of the current situation he finds himself in. So there has to someone else, that someone else is Sir Charles Portland. Why it had to be the Colonel who had to undergo the mind transference with Number 6, and not an ordinary field agent is unknown. Perhaps it was a case that no-one else could be trusted. But in any case, ZM73 now finds his mind inhabiting a body not to liking, the Colonel’s. No wonder he broke that mirror!
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