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Sunday 17 January 2016

Village Life

   “I’ve brought Number Two this envelope.”
   “He’s not here.”
   “Not here? This is very important to him.”
   “Well can I give it to him?”
   “I don’t know, can you?”
   “If you give it to me I’ll see Number Two gets it.”
   “Oh he’ll get it alright! Its very important to him you see.”
   “What is it?”
   “My future.”
   “Should you be here?”
   “How did you get here then?”
   “Through the door.”
   “How did you know I was here?”
   “I followed you.”
   “Are you sure I cannot give that envelope to Number Two for you.”
   “No, I think it would be better coming from me.”
   “Please yourself.”
   “Perhaps I’ll see you both in my dreams.”
   “How do you know you’re not dreaming now?”
   “I’ve been dreaming! It’s all been a dream, I didn’t resign after all!”

   Meanwhile on the set of ‘Danger Man.
   “Come on Pat snap out of it. You’ve been in a dream all day, what’s the matter with you?”
    “I’ve had an idea.”
    “What idea?”
    “I’m going to see Lew Grade and tell him what he can do with Danger Man!”

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