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Tuesday 5 January 2016

The Therapy Zone

   So with Number 6 undergoing a variety of conditioning in 12 Private, who was it who assisted Alison with her mind reading act at The Village festival? It would all depend upon what her act was, if it was a simple stage act between herself and Number 6, then Curtis would have had to have helped. But then it would have been nothing more than an act, just as it was that time in Number 2’s office when Alison called out the correct Zener cards held up by Curtis, reacting to the way he emphasised the word “Now.” But if Alison was to have been stood on stage using members of the audience how would her act work then, because she would still require an assistant to help her with her mental feats!! Alison might have been blindfolded, while Curtis describes an object borrowed from a member of the audience to her, but without saying what that object is. Perhaps a secret word would pass between them to say what the object is, and Alison would then tell the audience what the object is without having seen it.
    It’s difficult to say in what capacity Number 6 was helping Alison with her mind reading, or even how he came to be helping her in the first place. Whether he was simply helping hone her mental skills, or if he was to have physically helped her with her act at The Village Festival is unknown. But one thing is for sure, with Number 6, Alison’s mental skills appeared real enough, but with Curtis they were nothing more than a trick!

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