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Monday 25 January 2016

The Future Seen In A Crystal Ball!

    Number 6 was about to meet Number 1, and at long last we would finally get to the face behind The Village. But instead it was hidden behind a mask! As Number 6 approached the figure in white robes, the figure turned and handed him a crystal ball. What we see is the looming face of the Prisoner, The Village in the background, and the slamming of the steel bars. Which is seen at the end of each episode, thus demonstrating that there is no escape. However in this case Number 6 is being shown his future, as a prisoner. It is a future which he rejects by letting the crystal ball slip from his fingers to smash into a thousand splinters on the floor. And yet it is a future which seems to be set, because no sooner has he returned to London than he’s drives off in his Lotus Seven, without even having gone into his house. If he had he might have got a shock as the electronic front door opened automatically. Which either means symbolically he’s been in The Village all the time, or the two men seen preparing his house, up-graded the front door while they were at it!

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